It’s always summertime at Camp Tigertail.


Summer camp has always called to me as a symbol of universal nostalgia. Even though I never attended a sleepaway camp, its power to invoke fond (imagined) memories and wistful (dreamed) recollection fascinates me. With matching t-shirts, friendship bracelets, and s'mores, the creativity and unfettered joy that camp creates for hundreds of thousands of kids is somehow greater than the sum of its parts, creeping into our collective consciousness. For my senior thesis, I explored the niche kitsch of summer camp and created the fictional Camp Tigertail.

Drawing inspiration from movies like The Parent Trap, Wet Hot American Summer, and Moonrise Kingdom but anchoring the imagined build out in the authentic camp experience, Camp Tigertail was created for campers and non-campers alike. The goal of the project was to find the intersection of my own personal nostalgia and the nostalgic feelings of going off to camp as a kid.

Creative Direction
Brand Identity
Web Design
Merch Design
CREDITS + collaborators
Carly Blumenthal (Illustration)
Ferial Sadeghian (Map Illustration)
2019 – 2020

Come on in, the water’s great.

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