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Frozen food for people who love food.

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Ipsa is a new kind of frozen food company founded by two longtime food professionals dedicated to changing how—and what—people eat at home.

They love to cook and eat well, and don’t want to compromise quality for the sake of convenience. In search of a way to put a civilized meal on their dinner tables with minimal effort, they stumbled into an old friend that had been sitting there the whole time, quietly minding its own business: their freezer.

Holiday has partnered with Ipsa for their food packaging design, creating boxes and bags to deliver the best of frozen food to customers and look good doing it.

Packaging Design

CREDITS + collaborators
Joshua Brau (Co-Founder)
Micah Fredman (Co-Founder)
Rachel Greenwald (Marketing)

2019 – 2024

Packaging Design
The experience of opening and preparing an Ipsa item should be as enjoyable as eating a fresh-out-of-the-oven cookie. Inspired by nostalgia for classic eateries and infused with delight, the packaging integrates a signature yellow alongside the brand logo for instant recognizability.

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