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Palermo Body offers powerful self-care for everyday life.

Holiday’s packaging design for their new cleanser was guided by Palermo’s belief taking time for self-care is an intrinsic human need and that the process of caring for oneself something to look forward to each day. Drawing inspiration from founder Jess Morelli’s Sicilian roots, the new product has the feel of a heritage product and a modern Italian style.

Packaging Design

CREDITS + collaborators
Jess Morelli (Founder)
Lindsey Swedick (Editorial Photography)
Jake Wiley (E-Commerce Photography)
2019 – 2024

Packaging Design

Palermo’s Hand + Body cleanser was designed to fit in with an existing line of products but hold its own as a visually distinct bottle. Introducing a new font that felt at home against the brand’s existing ecosystem and logo allowed it to make a bold statement and set itself apart.  

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