Xiao YE

From the tables of first-generation American kids.


What happens when a chef and a designer fall in love? A restaurant concept that defies categorization and feels like a labor of love.

Xiao Ye is a culmination of passion for cuisine, community, and culture. It is an ongoing dialogue that translates lived experiences as First Generation Americans in determinedly unfussy food that defies expectation. It borrows, elaborates, pares down, and encompasses the flavors, ingredients, techniques, and experimentations of two industry kids who hope to capture the magic of a midnight meal with your favorite people every time you step through the door.

Creative Direction
Brand Identity
Website Design
Print Collateral
Merch Design
Jolyn Chen (Co-Owner + Interior Designer)
Louis Lin (Co-Owner + Executive Chef)
Joshua Minnich (Illustration)
Carter Hiyama (Photography)
2022 – 2023

Come on in, the water’s great.

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